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tv   Washington Journal Viewer Calls  CSPAN  March 22, 2017 9:37am-10:01am EDT

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about, the democrats. nancy pelosi and democratic leaders are organizing basically rules the zone in committee and want to be there offering amendments, speaking as far as vice president joe biden, he will speak out speak before the university of the affordable care act, but he will be on the the to talk about what republicans are doing, so this is also a big deal, obviously, don't have votes to top it per se, vote on the floor the democrats, we will see push from the democratic party his morning and around the clock until the vote happens or does not happen, opposing the measure. hooper, staff writer with the hill newspaper, appreciate your time this morning. absolutely. host: house rules committee hearing on the republican repeal replace measure, beginning on 0, and the meeting room
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capitol hill in the capitol. you can see it live there. seats filling up for the 10:00 meeting, the fourth committee the republican plan, ahead of the scheduled vote that is scheduled for tomorrow. want to hear just from republicans in this last 20 the "washington journal" today on whether you upport the healthcare replacement bill. line for republicans who live in eastern or central time zone and republicans in the mountain or pacific time zones, call in now. headline from is "wall street journal." rift over bill squeezes speaker headline this morning. speaker ryan struggling to unite party behind legislation, a hearder by de opposition from the faction less than two years ago helped drive predecessor, congressman
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boehner. mr. ryan's collaborative style, failure undercut his power and inability to unite rebelling republicans, the rest g.o.p. legislative agenda including overhaul of tax code, could be in peril. the "wall street journal" writes, we want to hear what you the republicans around country. call in, time zone, phone lines the me zone, start in eastern time zone, ft. myers, florida, ursula is up. caller: good morning. suggestion, i wish ongress should pass a health plan, where they will go on the as the entire n country. 'll bet they would pass a pretty darn good one quickly or of us go on their healthcare plan. host: we had a member of come on and ask this
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question and she noted that of congress are required to be on affordable care act get their insurance through the affordable care act. didn't realize that, i didn't hear that. ridiculous ow, it's hat all the years we've paid of medicare and i'm tired taking care of these people who re on medicaid and who could work and support part thf plan and choose not to. fair to the rest of the country. host: you're in favor of work medicaid?ment sort 've, yeah. middletown, ne, virginia. good morning. caller: good morning. i think the republicans and have to work together
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to get any medical care, they both have good points. obamacare plan, a lot of things like. that people don't i think if they got together as good health got a plan out and i am one for taking people thatpoor and can't afford it, a lot of people ave low-paying jobs all their lives and they need healthcare. this idea of not wanting to take americans low absolutely is ridiculous. get nk they both have to together and put their heads together and come up with something for everybody. thank you. who is your congressman in middletown, virginia? oh, um, wait a minute, right e is on my mind now. oh, i don't remember, i can't remember his name. reached out to any members of congress about how you feel about this,
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christine? caller: i have. ost: who have you reached out to? caller: the congressman, i can't remember his name right now. sheldon, illinois, a republican. good morning. caller: i'm for repealing the act, it has been a disaster. the rural hospitals aren't money they need to be funded and quoting certain the hospital and it has gotten ridiculous, the obamacare wastes too much money. tim ryan mentioned hundred overpayment, unacceptable. that is a lot of money to waste,, that is just too he also mentioned he wanted country.across the we need less government in our and it has gotten ridiculous. i got a letter from a place my son has been to the doctor at and it says throughout talks about once a
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year, which let's you have a conversation with your doctor about your health. is ridiculous, the government needs to get out of the doctor and the patients who run healthcare, it's just crazy. absolutely crazy. t is all about money and market-driven healthcare system doesn't work anywhere, we all know it. need to stop thinking about money and really think about healthcare, that is the right there. i agree we should take care of our americans, all the americans care of. taken i believe it should be universal, but the fact of the healthcare costs too much money and insurance costs too much money. cost too much money there is a whole lot of routine, they cost too much money, shouldn't for hysterectomy, then you pay hospitals, doctors and other places when you get it's ridiculous.
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the costs are catastrophic for normal wages,akes has hourly wage, period. he also mentioned people making or $30 an hour, i don't know anybody making $20 or $30 an people around here don't. it is crazy. ealthcare costs need to be, they need to go down. host: as republicans tried to pass votes they need to this legislation in the house, late monday, republican leaders set of changes to the american healthcare act, many of get mored at trying to conservative members of the republican conference onboard legislation. the upshot column in the "new ofk times" talks about a few those changes, some of them include allowing states to make recipients prove they are looking for work as opposed o under original legislation apply for waivers to impose medicaid work requirements. to new changes
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option to take lump sum for medicaid to allocate as they wish. obamacare taxes would phase out 2018 year as opposed to under the original proposal. if you want to go through the revisions, upshot column in the "new york times." we are asking if you support the healthcare replacement bill that is headed to the house rules today, in 15 minutes. jewel in stony point, north carolina. jewel.d, caller: yes. that my husband was in vietnam and he came back, he was treated like dirt and now e's going to the v.a. and the v.a. is a form of medical care lucky country, but he's he is in one of the better ones, where he's being treated and not people die ting right and left. say that i think
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we should go for new healthcare plan. a disaster, going down the tubes in that my husba basket hand nd he did that on purpose, destroying the military, which he said it was going to do and do and he did destroy it. host: when you say he did it on urpose, why would president obama want -- caller: he told us he was going he did. and host: why would he want his healthcare plan to go down the tube? caller: what? host: why would president obama want to make his healthcare plan down the tubes? caller: not healthcare, i'm talking about the military. no, he just had a bad plan and on - it went down the tubes its own, he didn't do anything to save it. host: okay. omar, republican in buffalo, new york, omar, good morning.
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aller: good morning, john, thanks for c-span. you know, i listen to all the it sounds like each state has their own issues, some some states t, don't. some states have, depending on think -- i ion, i don't want to see it replaced or segments i want to see altered. you don't have too many providers out there and partly the problem is, too, it's profit. companies that provide healthcare are for profit. ceo's making what, 20 million dollar profits? got to take the profit out. you have to find the areas where middle rking for the class people in buffalo, new york. new york axes go to city, that is why we have higher you can get ink if big business out, i don't know, hear t know, i just
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different states or people have their own issues. working.ce its is some places it's not. host: what do you think is working, omar? caller: i never experienced the part i couldn't get healthcare, happy those who had pre-existing diseases and that get coverage. i know from my own kids, they can stay on the plan until they 26, a lot of kids leave find e, they can barely work and healthcare is the least on their minds and some need some don't. there are pieces that are working and there is obviously remiums have gone up and we have to find ways where we can just ogether and to not eliminate -- what they say is repeal, we will actually go back, i don't want to go back, i don't think the wants to go back. a lot of people in this country right now are split based on
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party, what their parties, let's do it. let's be practical, not blame president, that president, i believe all presidents have reat intentions, they're not trying to screw us, it's just we need to take the profit out of healthcare. i mean, no way you should be million profit30 as a c.e.o. for healthcare, that money could be used, let's get more competition in there, i it, john.t is about thanks. host: so much focus on of the tive members republican conference. the conservative wing of the republican conference this week. headline in "u.s.a. today," focuses on moderate members. moderates may hold health vote on healthcare. conservative ng house republicans have attracted ost condition, could play key role in deciding whether replacement bill is approved, ecognizing cloud on the issue,
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conservative growth launching ad campaign urging 10 cent rift republicans to vote despite he g.o.p. bill the fact republican leaders say it is in the party's best chance and replace obamacare. the article also names those focused on, ign is including republican of ressman, leonard lance, new jersey, tom mccarther, and of new york. ryan fitzpatrick of pennsylvania, witman of lathem, of florida, so of california, bacon of nebraska. as l keep you updated today those whip counts on votes continue to be tracked. the hill newspaper one of those that is keeping a public whip count from the information they have been able on what members of the republican conference are
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members are d what opposing legislation, it is at, if you want to check the whip list. thomas, hickson, tennessee, good morning. caller: good morning. are you? the just, i'm supporting plan and one of the things, the the can people and republican party needs to we need to carry on with other stuff that is vital americans, you take illegal immigrants off all this healthcare and stuff and i money you we could save and everything else, one other thing thing, illegal immigrants in maryland that raped the the ar-old girl in bathroom. now, it has not been brought up, on fox and friends, and these two grace that
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young men, illegally here, raped bathroom.e you omeone on c-span, hadn't praut it up, haven't read about it. host: we did bring it up this morning, showed the article from the "new york times" about it, in as brought up yesterday the press briefing at the white house. ere is the article from the "new york times." sean spicer, says the rape case, you refer to, undocumented shows need for crackdown on the issue of illegal immigration, talked it earlier today. there is the story there. focusing on healthcare bill, for the next 10 minutes or so before the house comes in, alking to just republicans, asking if you support this replacement bill. ob, thousand oaks, california, good morning. caller: good morning to you. great discussion this morning. a physician here in california and i chose to be in you payork, which means
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less to get the same care. at chagrin of my friends, i said affordable care act is a great idea, but we don't need saca, a we need sustainable affordable care act, essentially everyone has left the peoplen terms of that are providing insurance, all of the private payers. i see people not keeping their colleagues of my have these coverage california plans, the a.c.a. plan. be nice end, it will to get back to hey, why doesn't the government leave everybody and let everybody have hsa, health savings sxkt perhaps to californiarant and let this left ward leaning state fend for themselves. stands, the affordable care act isn't providing care here. it was a rtunate, but good idea. host: that is rob in california. in capitol room
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hill, the house rules committee hearing room starting to fill up live shot of it there on your screen. that is the committee hearing, bill will be taken up, it will be the fourth committee hearing that the healthcare act will have received and the final one to re the bill is scheduled go to the floor tomorrow. we're asking republicans, only, healthcare ort replacement bill? allen in alabama, good morning. are r: good morning, how you doing? host: doing well, go ahead. caller: yeah, i'm against being in healthcare all together. swallow, er pill to affordable care act. i still don't understand why the involved to begin with, they should get out all ogether and go back to competition and i believe consumer, such as myself and country else in this fthey would stop buying insurance, just not a good i know they got to
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have it, they quit buying it, the insurance companies would go people, i think. my opinion. malika, l right, lexington, kentucky, you're next. good morning. morning.good i'm on -- not against the new healthcare. the affordable healthcare i does need some work and wish they would just work on the that plan, instead of a plan. i agree, the caller from new york hit it right on the nail no one is talking about the insurance companies and how raise their rates for the shareholders and i think there needs to be more in the insurance
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nonprofit maybe insurance companies and one you would , i wish get wendell potter on your show, is a big c.e.o. for cigna, dark tell you all the secrets of what the health really do.ompanies i wish you would get him on there. you.k host: always appreciate suggestions for upcoming segments. a tweet from zone who writes, get the government out healthcare system. some other opinions on this healthcare act going before the rules committee in a few minutes. this from editorial board of the "new york times," they write in a better world this bill would never have seen the light of less offered for a vote. it is no fair-minded person's of what the american healthcare system should look ike tis designed to let mr.
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ryan and trump determine they have driven a stake through the heart of obamacare, no matter collateral damage to millions of americans. being ry different view express third degree morning on editorial pages of the "wall street journal." editorial board writing the house bill is messy, complex, has hen the g.o.p. inherently a messy complex failure in obamacare. freedom caucus claim repeal alone produce free market fantasy.d health market of 2009 no longer exist and even then wasn't great. repeal without replacement would lead to market chaos and patient orror storys that discredit free market reform. thursday's vote is inflection oint define the trump presidency and the reform mentioned in congress. ill they run for cover or kill achievable in the name of the perfect bill that will never pass? the "wall oard of street journal." david in hamburg, iowa, as we
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come in the house to this morning. david, good morning. caller: good morning. my call.r taking things, to say a few basically, you know, one of the medicaid recipient and i have disability and things of that nature. 'm medicated and anyway, you know, if i were to lose benefits, you know, i would have more institutionalized than likely or end up in jail robably and that would be a bummer for me. so this healthcare bill, i don't pass probably, wouldn't be a good idea. i just think that, you know, one of the things that could maybe hear a gentleman earlier talking about maybe regulate some healthcare costs, i don't know what your
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like thaton something would be for congress to pass a ill for policies on regulating healthcare costs, but i was just wondering how you thought about that? host: we want your thoughts this morning. we show the house rules committee hearing room, which is hearing expected to get underway in a few minutes at 10:00, same time the house is expected to gavel in the session morning. jonathan, sullivan, illinois, good morning, a republican. go ahead. morning, thank you for having me on. -- uestion is, last yesterday, congressman sessions the with said that this bill, he is supporter, i this bill would let people stay on obamacare for two know if this to means that obamacare is really be repealed in this
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central, lso, i'm in illinois, and i hear about all 300 or 400, 500 a month, what about people where i live, daughter including, paying $22,000. john, we have to end, the house is gavelling into session, now on erage begins c-span. ton, d.c. march 22, 2017. i hereby appoint the honorable randy hultgren to act as speaker pro tempore on this day. signed, paul d. ryan, speaker of the house of representatives. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to the order of the house of -- order of the house of january 3, 2017, the chair will now recognize members from lists submitted by the majority and minority leaders for morning hour debate. the chair will alternate recognition between the parties. all time shall be equally allocated between the parties and in in event shall debate continue beyond 11:50 a.m. each member otan


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